Homeward Bound: Essay
Incoming: Veteran Writers on Returning Home
Edited by Justin Hudnall, Julia Dixon Evans & Rolf Yngve
So Say We All (2016)
Also, in collaboration with KPBS

“The day I got out of the Navy, I walked down the gangplank with a seabag slung over my shoulder and two thoughts on my mind: USN, never again. And that went double for San Diego.”


At the Orpheu Cafe: Fiction
Nothing to Declare: A Guide to the Flash Sequence
Edited by Robert Alexander, Eric Braun & Debra Marquart
White Pine Press (2016)

“James Joyce and Fernando Pessoa shuffle in through the back entrance, each mistaking the other for Charlie Chaplin.”


Ode to Joy: Essay
Hobart Handbook on Baseball
Edited by Jensen Beach and Aaron Burch
Hobart Publishing (2015)

“My heart desired to speak. My eyes wanted to sing. I believe the name for this feeling is joy.”


Flesh Air: Fiction
States of Terror Volume 1
Edited by Matt Lewis and Keith McCleary
Ayahuasca Publishing (2014)

“If the wind blows a certain way the odor will get after me: old filth and new blood, sweetness sitting on top of decay.”


Kessler Has No Lucky Pants: Fiction
California Prose Directory 2014
Edited by J Ryan Stradal
Outpost 19 (2014)

“How many pairs of lucky pants does Kessler own?”