Paper Masks
Electric Literature Recommended Reading
March 2018
“The idea of a doctor visit troubled me. I was raised to believe that seeing a doctor when you weren’t sick was inviting illness into the body.”
This story is also available as an ebook.

With Mournful Tread
February 2018
“The fellow who was with him came out waving a map. The Lieutenant seized him and tied him to a tree. The assassin raged inside the barn, hollering abominations. This man who never knowed the drudge of Army life, the licks and picks of the infantry, etc., carried on like he was on a stage, and I believe in his mind of minds that’s where he thought he was.”


Green Mountains Review
August 2016
“I get lucky in Virginia and slip through the open window of a Winnebago waiting at a Hardee’s drive-through.”

April 2016
“Another blank post card. Another glass of orange juice to make the LSD go down more intensely. ‘Another fine mess you’ve gotten yourself into, Mephistopheles!’ I say to the cat after he knocks over the bong in his rush to let in the pizza deliveryman.”


Cat Party
Shadowgraph Quarterly
March 2016
“Before he became a Hollywood fixture, Pascal worked briefly as a cat sitter.”

Flash Flash Click
February 2016
“Frankie lost all enthusiasm for horse racing; but whenever he heard the song ‘Camptown Races’ he could not restrain himself from singing the do-da parts at top volume.”

Spirit of Gravity
April 2015
“They came for me in the morning. Not in the middle of the night while I was fighting with sleep. Not with a bang and a crash, but with a polite rap at the door, sunlight streaming through the windows.”

Bump in the Road
The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts
“If we had known, we would have left the rancho earlier. We could have stayed in our beds, lingered over our coffee. We could have wiped away the breadcrumbs and washed the cups and set the chairs under the table. We wouldn’t have been in such a hurry. If we had known what was out there, we would have moved out to the porch for a cigarette and waited for the sun to warm our faces.”

Handful of Dust
“He went too far, didn’t think things through, and now he takes his case on a hill behind an Ensenada boatyard.”