Giving the Finger

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WINNER: Best Memoir 2015 San Diego Book Awards

Long before his rise to fame on Deadliest Catch, Captain Scott Campbell, Jr. was already
Giving the Finger…


“To fish the Bering Sea in January is scarcely short of suicide—equal parts insanity, courage, and incurable love of the water. A Deadliest Catch star, Campbell Jr. writes as well as he fishes, and that’s saying something.”

“Campbell, famous for his role in Deadliest Catch, will likely surprise his fans with this thoughtful and nuanced look at the hard reality of an Alaskan fisherman, including when he almost lost a finger. . . . Campbell does provide expected blow-by-blow accounts of his fishing exploits, but this autobiography packs a far more serious and emotional punch.”

“Junior tells some great fishing stories, and some of them are even true.”
—John Hillstrand, captain of the Time Bandit, co-star of The Deadliest Catch

Part documentary, part reality-television, Deadliest Catch’s portrayal of Alaskan crab fishermen risking their lives on the Bering Sea to make a buck and feed their families has captivated the world. Giving the Finger follows the life of the spirited young captain who has emerged as one of the most controversial figures on the show, Scott Campbell Jr., who leads the crew of the Seabrooke.

Giving the Finger reveals that  the trials of crabbing are not limited to working the most dangerous job on the planet—they carry over to family and friends and can be more treacherous than the Bering Sea. Campbell has divorced and re-married the same woman three times, endured disfiguring injuries, and lost crew members to the icy waters of the north.


RULAND: Everyone always asks me: “Did you go out on the boat?” I went up to Dutch Harbor and spent seven hours in a karaoke bar, but I did not go out on the boat. I did, however, grow this magnificent beard. 




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