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Victory, in the Streets of Lisbon
“Portugal has beaten France in the UEFA European Championship 1-0 and the people of Lisbon are celebrating.” Photo gallery.
July 11, 2016

A Terrible Day for the Races
My daughter was born on 7/7 so I always play the 7. I don’t always win, but when I do, it’s worth it, but isn’t it always?
July 5, 2016

In an Alternate Universe with Matt Kemp
“There’s a reason I’ve waited for the third installment of ‘The Nervous Light’ to talk about our team: we aren’t very good.”
June 1, 2016

Las Vegas: Home of the $100 Beer
“I don’t believe in luck, but if cashing a ticket for a horse race I didn’t even bother to watch isn’t lucky then I don’t know what is.”
April 25, 2016

I’ll Take Charlie Ward for $5,000
“I had Charlie Ward, the only Heisman Trophy winner to never play for an NFL team, and Chris Dudley, a 6’11” goon from Yale with the low-post skills of a barber pole who was good for getting fouled but not for making shots from behind the free-throw line.”
April 4, 2016